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Let it go.

Someone asked me how am I feeling.

What surprised me is that, I said I felt good. I felt at peace.

Is this what letting go means? I don’t know.

But what I know now, I no longer felt sad or like I was gonna break and crumble whenever someone mentions your name. I no longer want to think about how you broke me.

I no longer feel like I needed to pretend you were treating me right and that you’ve been good to me.

I guess perhaps I have totally learn to let go. I am very certain that I have.

But if you were to ask if I am ready to face you, maybe not now. But I’m sure I’ll get there.

What this whole thing taught me was that no matter how good you are to someone, if they meant to fuck you up, they will. And not because you are no good. But because they don’t see the goodness in you.

I will continue to be a good woman. Because that is what I am. I will embrace my worth. I believe that someone will see this worth and appreciate the good in me.



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